Tiovivo Creativo – Studio & Coworking


Systems: Draperies

Fabrics: Blackout

Tiovivo Creativo is an interior architecture and design studio headquartered in the Ruzafa district in Valencia. A studio with a classic post-modernist feel that nevertheless displays the clear influence of eclecticism, an artistic trend that combines the elements of different eras and origins, creating a very distinctive style of its own. Moreover, Tiovivo Creativo has reserved part of its office for use as a multi-purpose space, a co-working center that promotes creativity and even serves as a backdrop for events.

For this project in Valencia, the company opted for the installation of draperies by Bandalux, so as to separate different areas with no need to build walls. This enabled the company to separate the Tiovivo Creativo conference hall from the studio work and co-working stations. In a word, this is a timeless solar protection solution that perfectly matched the specific features of this architecture and design studio, which sought to optimize its space without giving up the functionalism and polyvalence of this unique multi-purpose centre.

Photographs: Fran Obrer - ©TiovivoCreativo