Sunlight Management

The importance of sunlight management for sustainability, energy savings and optimal visual and thermal comfort.

Gestion solar Gestion solar

Building façades are a privileged field of research and experimentation for architects. Large glass surfaces call for highly efficient sun protection systems: Indoor and outdoor drapes and shades for ideal sunlight and heat management, which contribute to energy savings and the well-being of the users.

Gestion solar
NORTH 20.000 8.000 400
SOUTH 80.000 32.000 1.600
EAST/WEST 60.000 24.000 1.200

How do you measure the impact of the sunlight?

When the light hits a surface, a part of it goes through (transmission) the existing materials (whether a glass surface or a shade), another part is reflected to the outside (reflection), and the rest of the light is absorbed in the fabric and finally radiates in the form of heat (absorption).

These parameters are measured using the following indexes:
T = solar transmission factor
R = solar reflection factor
A = solar absorption factor

The intensity of this lighting, which can be mitigated by using Bandalux sun protection systems, has a direct effect on the comfort of the users: Health, vision, welfare, safety and job performance. Moreover, the effective control of the natural light is an important factor for energy savings and the sustainable and long-lasting construction.


Sunlight Management Manual

Sunlight Management

Visual comfort

Bandalux sun protection systems filter the light and reduce the disturbances caused by the sun’s rays, such as reflections and glares, and therefore promote visual comfort. What’s more, they comply with the international standards that stress the importance of correct lighting, as is the case of Spanish Royal Decree 486/1997 and UNE-EN 12464- 1:2003.

Each type of room requires a different degree of lighting, and Bandalux shades and drapes adapt perfectly to those needs. For example, 150 lux in a reception area, 300 lux in a conference room, 500 lux in an office and 1000 lux in a design studio.

The transmission of light is measured by means of the coefficient VT (visual transmission), which represents the percentage of the transmission of the light over the total influence of the luminous flux.

Bandalux uses Vitrage Decision software to run thermal studies

Gestión solar
Thermal comfort

To evaluate a sun protection system from the perspective of energy, its performance needs to be measured according to the Gtot index, which represents the relation between the solar flux transmitted through a glass surface and its shade, and the total flux that impacts its surface. In other words, it indicates the proportion of heat that affects a room in relation to the solar energy, whether indoors (Gtote) or outdoors (Gtoti). Its values oscillate between 0 and 1, and the weaker the coefficient is, the higher the thermal comfort its.

How can we offer optimal thermal comfort?

Shades are decisive in obtaining the optimal temperature for daily life and work, as well as for thermal comfort. For the proper sunlight management of a building, Bandalux uses technical fabrics including its Polyscreen, Blackout and Pearly finish fabrics, which protect, filter and regulate the heat of a room, to ensure healthy thermal conditions.

Furthermore, colors also play an essential role in thermal comfort. Dark colors absorb the heat, whereas light colors reflect it.

Did you know that the ideal temperature for optimal work performance is 22ºC?

According to a study by the University of Technology of Helsinki and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the recommended temperature for office activities is between 21 and 22 ºC. This contributes to the improvement of worker well-being and productivity.

The best way to limit the entrance of heat and maintain the temperature indoors is to prevent the sun from coming directly through the windows. Bandalux shades and drapes are one of the best solutions to limit the use of air conditioning; for example, an outdoor shade can reduce the temperature of a room by between 4 and 7ºC.

In winter, on the other hand, it is important to take advantage of the solar heat that comes inside through glass surfaces. Bandalux motorized systems can help, as they automatically open or close, thanks to their heat sensors, to provide a pleasant indoor temperature to the occupants of a building.

Are you interested in a thermal study?

In Europe, where buildings are responsible for 43% of the total use, Bandalux is participating in the development of bioclimatic façades and durable architecture, with adapted solutions for:

  • The façade: Considered to be the outer wrapping of the building, this is the point of exchange between the indoors and the outdoors, between the natural environment and the constructed environment.

  • The outside, which depends on the temperature and the rhythms of the day and night, where the solutions need to be adjustable and resistant.

  • The inside, which requires solutions that promote the well-being and comfort of the users, in keeping with their activity.

Bandalux technical shades act as an element that reduces the solar factor inside buildings, affording an average savings of 10% in heating costs.

Beyond aesthetics, the selection of a shade is fundamental, as it can contribute to energy savings. Depending on the color and degree of transparency of the fabric, the shade can contribute to energy savings, by lowering the temperature of a room by 5 - 10ºC

Bioclimatic architecture aims to reduce impacts on the environment by reducing the use of energy.

Bioclimatic façades are becoming increasingly more present in large cities and are in fact redesigning a new urban landscape. Thanks to the Bandalux sun protection systems associated with other construction elements, this contemporary architecture brings together natural resources like the sun, for energy savings and as part of its commitment to the planet.

For example, the Aire® aluminum Venetian shade between glasses converts the façade of a building into a bioclimatic wall that provides insulation from both the heat and the cold. Or complete solutions like the box system with outdoor installation and the Polyscreen® roller fabric, which afford up to 55% savings in air conditioning.

Bandalux contributes to the development of sustainable and smart constructions that minimize the use of non-renewable energies to reduce the emission of pollutants and waste, promoting the eco-efficiency of the buildings of today and tomorrow.

Bandalux technical fabrics afford savings of up to 55% in air conditioning and contribute to reducing CO2 emissions

In addition to improving the quality of the indoor environment and contributing to energy savings, our sunlight management systems comply with the international demands for eco-efficiency. For example, the Cradle to Cradle certificate earned by the Planet and Eco-Planet fabrics certifies that the material used is recycled and recyclable and therefore contributes to sustainable construction. What’s more, Bandalux sun protection systems help to obtain sustainable construction certificates and prestigious international acknowledgements, including the Leed and Breeam certifications.

The construction industry is constantly facing new challenges, such as home automation and motorization systems, which have become ever present in recent years.

Smart shades for smart buildings

Smart Buildings are constructions that afford automated control and management through a number of integrated systems that are designed to facilitate the daily life of the occupants. Home automation and motorization contribute to visual and thermal comfort, in keeping with the impact and intensity of the light.

Automation and remote control with Bandalux and Somfy motors allow the occupants to program the time of day that the blinds and awnings are opened and closed, as well as regulating their position, thanks to sun and wind sensors. Home automation makes the user’s daily life easier and contributes to his/her visual comfort, by preventing glares and ensuring that the intensities of the sunlight are always ideal and adhere to international regulations. Automation also extends the life of the shades and awnings, by protecting them from extreme weather conditions.

Home automation provides benefits in energy management, security and comfort

Moreover, the building’s operative expenses go down, thanks to the reduced maintenance and heating costs. By bringing motorization and reliable centralized automation together, Bandalux generates simple, user friendly systems that are also easy to access for maintenance.

It is true that this type of building requires an economic investment, but it is clearly compensated by the energy savings in heating, air conditioning and lighting. Moreover, home automation and motorization increase the value of the property and contribute to the care of the environment, while promoting compliance with international regulations.

Download the warranties on Bandalux and Somfy motors

The influence of sunlight on the inside of the building is extremely important in any architectural project, as the light needs to be optimized and at times re-directed, yet without ever losing sight of the building’s security systems.

Bandalux sun protection systems are functional and safe.

Our products with the Made in Europe & USA seal are backed by the strictest quality control measures, which comply with different benchmark sunlight management standards, including Spanish Royal Decree 486/1997 and UNE-EN 12464- 1:2003.

Commitment to people and the planet

Bandalux shades use fire-resistant and anti-bacterial fabrics. The Polyscreen® fabric, which is used for the manufacture of our shades, is totally free of toxins such as phthalates, which affect human health.

All products with the Bandalux seal are backed by the strictest quality controls and certifications and comply with sector regulations. What’s more, all of our systems protect the youngest members of the household, thanks to the Child Safety features.

Consult all the certifications earned by the company for its fabrics and systems