Group SEB World HQ


Systems: Venetian Blinds

Fabrics: Aluminum

Sitting just minutes from the heart of Lyon on 6 hectares of land, developed and built by the company Sogelym-Dixence and designed by Sud Architectes, the Parc Mail Ecully is the chosen location of the world headquarters of Groupe SEB, an international leader in small household appliances. With a total surface area of approximately 28,000 m², the Group now occupies the entire park, which includes a full campus conceived to improve the quality of life of the company’s staff. On the campus, 5400 m² of building space house the offices of general management and other departments, conference rooms, restaurants, reception, an auditorium, a relaxation/fitness room and much more.

More than 1000 employees of the Group work on the modern services campus, which fundamentally aims to provide optimal comfort in the working environment. Thus, the installation of aluminum Venetian blinds, which are simple and elegant, forms part of the concept of the interior architecture, while contributing to workers’ well-being and professional performance and providing added aesthetic value.

The Signum® Venetian blinds system consists of a Qualicoat-lacquered and anti-rust-treated steel box with matching 100% aluminum horizontal slats. Given the quality and durability of this system, more than 530 Signum® Venetian blinds with 25-mm-wide aluminum slats in dark brown have been chosen to equip individual offices, conference rooms and shared spaces.

Thanks to the lightweight and individual operation system, each Signum® Venetian blind is easily controlled individually, enabling each user to regulate the entrance of sunlight in keeping with his/her specific needs. The orientation of the slats maintains the privacy inside, while allowing users to enjoy the views to the outside.

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