Sant Joan Teaching Hospital


Systems: B-BOX roller shades

Fabrics: Blackout

Architecture: Pich-Aguilera + Corea&Moran arquitectura

The large horizontal structure contains two basements and two ground floors, on which there are 6 hospitalization wings. The ground level contains public areas like offices, whereas healthcare facilities are located underground.

The entire building interior is lit by patios that cross the building vertically. A longitudinal axis for the general public is conceived as a branching avenue where the different spaces are located. The building was designed with energy efficiency in mind. A study was realized by dynamic siimulation of the orientation, sun exposure and shadows.

Motorised box roller blinds were installed and a spe­cial com­ponent was designed for the box to be ac­ce­s­si­ble, adapting the window aprons to allow for integration with the 20mm terminal.

The application of total blackout required by the client was addressed by combining darkening gui­des with Black Out fabric, which meets the hospital's specific needs.The material is fire retardant and sterile, thus creating a more hygienic space.