Plaza 13


Systems: O-BOX roller shades

Fabrics: Polyscreen® 550

Architecture: Bueso-Inchausti & Rein

Plaza 13 stands on a space previously occupied by an old industrial warehouse. A residential development designed by the Bueso-Inchausti & Rein architecture studio, this 3,566m² complex comprises 14 apartments spread over four floors, four of which are penthouses with private garden and swimming pool. In order to keep a flexible interior layout, Bueso-Inchausti & Rein decided to maintain a geometric uniformity in the complex, with a facade that is almost entirely glazed, fitted with the O-Box system as a solar control solution to optimize sunlight and heat.

This was an ambitious and daring project aiming to create a distinguished product with clear floor heights of 3.5m. In this context, the Bandalux outdoor O-Box roller blind systems offer a simple and elegant esthetic solution for the facade, as well as exquisite solar control to create maximum comfort inside the spacious apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The O-Box technical blind has an attractive cylindrical box and an aluminum side guide that binds the fabric. To fulfill the project requirements, Bandalux developed a cylindrical handrail, which limits the run of the blind and creates the impression of a floating rail.

The O-Box system works like a double skin for the apartment windows, ensuring an excellent compromise between thermal efficiency and visual comfort thanks to the Polyscreen 550 Pearl fabric with a 5% openness factor. A fabric with a high resistance to extreme weather conditions and chlorine which, from outside, contributes to significant energy savings in terms of heating and air conditioning inside. The Polyscreen 550 Pearl fabric is also easy to clean, as it can be simply wiped with a damp cloth, and no harmful elements are used during the manufacturing process.

Bueso-Inchausti & Rein works in the field of architecture and urban planning, specializing in residential and tertiary projects. Its buildings are spread across Spain, Romania, USA, Mexico and Switzerland.