Systems: Box roller

Fabrics: Blackout

On the Beaux Carreire site, the architecture studio VIP Architecture has carried out a unique project signed up around two existing buildings –the Magendie Institute and the Functional Genomics Platform (PGF) –as implementation of the new Central Building Centre Broca New Aquitaine. These three entities provide a full range of experimental experience in the research of the nervous system and its diseases. The excellence of researchers around the world is one of the most important areas of European neuroscience around a priority ... the brain.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, especially in terms of energy expenditure, Neurocampus - Center Broca New Aquitaine has a great volumetric competitiveness. Apart of a cubic form, each stage has a different impact on its behavior.
The offices occupying the periphery of the building offer researchers a view of the surroundings. Conversely, the laboratories - the generous volumes - are located between the building and do not have direct light on them, so as to avoid all the inconveniences such as glare and the lack of comfort.

The choice of shades is - here - essential because it must meet the technical and functional properties required by the research institutes, to the requirements of sterile laboratories. The Imagine Blackout® 100% opaque fabric shades have made their mark and are used in nearly every laboratory overlooking the atrium.

This PVC-free technical fabric ensures optimal comfort and perfect privacy. This fabric - totally blocking UV rays - benefits from a Sanitized treatment against the proliferation of bacteria, molds and odors. Ideally corresponding with the requirements of implementation in laboratories, clean rooms and clear rooms, it corresponds perfectly to the places requiring an essential total occultation.
Particularity of implementation: the shades are inclined by 5 to 10 degrees - in the chassis - in order to follow the façades offset of the atrium connecting physically and symbolically all the services. Like a kaleidoscope, this multi-faceted atrium is the geometric result of the various levels. It plays alternately between different types of glazing. Aluminum boxes hide all the mechanisms including winding.
Main Architect: VIB Architecture - Bettina Ballus and Franck Vialet
Bandalux product information: 95 boxed roller shades - Manual operation with leaver. Textile - Imagine Blackout