Le Thémis


Systems: Premium Plus roller shades

Fabrics: Polyscreen® 550

Located in the ZAC Clichy Batignolles - Paris XVII -, The Themis is the first commercial building E + C - "Positive Energy & Carbon Reduction" in France. This label prefigures the future energy and environmental regulation of new low carbon buildings (current in 2018) and the generalization of new buildings with positive energy (in 2020).

For this R + 7 building of 10,655 m2 - designed by Icade Promotion and the architects Corinne Vezzoni and Associates and Atelier MLH, the Bandalux indoor solar protection plays - thus - fully its role, notably by ensuring the comfort imposed by the BREEAM certification: the Premium Plus shades- in Polyscreen® 550 fabric - efficiently filter light, offer - in a homogeneous way - a pleasant visibility to the outside while avoiding glare in the workspaces.

"This indoor solar protection meets the environmental requirements of the HQE - BREEAM - LEED - E + C- and Effinergie labels. These shades are calibrated according to the frames and do not touch edge to edge. They are - voluntarily - distant about 10 cm to allow future users to arrange their space by dividing it according to each frame.

Bandalux Premium Plus shades - made-to-measure - adapt to the desired interior design. More than 50 different dimensions are referenced on this exceptional project and the long-standing partnership between Castel Alu and Bandalux makes sense here. The experience and the know-how of the façadier made it possible to apprehend - in the smallest details - this building site requiring perfect ribs for an irreproachable implementation. At stake:
• 440 shades from 120 to 200 cm wide with a height ranging from 2 to 5.20 meters

• 102 shades from 60 to 120 cm wide and between 2 and 5 meters high

Implemented - indoors - on the entire North façade and the ground floor at R + 1 on the South façade.
Motorized shades wired - silent - managed by GTB (3 remotes are available per floor).
Premium Plus shades ensure a perfect winding of the fabric - especially - over large dimensions.