Iberdrola Tower


Systems: Venetian Blinds

Fabrics: Aluminium

"Simple, elegant, ecological and sustainable". This is how César Pelli defined the Iberdrola Tower project in Bilbao. It is a 105m high tower whi­ch be­ca­me the point of re­fe­ren­ce in the new urban regeneration area of Abandoibarra in the city of Bilbao. It is one of the few buildings in Europe that boasts the prestigious LEED cs2.0 certification. The double-glazed facade constitutes a sustainable solution, creating a veritable bioclimatic wall.

Product developed by Bandalux for the project: The facade was resolved by means of a double-glazed layer, with a ventilated air chamber between the two facings of the facade. The outside glass is double-glazed, whereas the inner glass is single-pane and accessible. The chamber contains an aluminium Venetian blind with 25mm perforated slats. Special fixation systems were designed to guarantee easy blind maintenance. This system made for a more straightforward on-site installation. It is a hanger-type fixing which is secured to the structure suspended that, in turn, is secured to the head of the Venetian blind. The slats of the aluminium Venetian blinds can be oriented to leverage sunlight, and the system is further opti­mised by its integration to a building automation system.