Passivhaus Home

Cádiz, Spain

Systems: BSO outdoor Venetian blinds, Premium Plus roller shades

Fabrics: POLYSCREEN® 550

Architecture: FACTORIA 21

The biggest challenge of this project was the climate conditions of the location, because of high temperatures and sunlight needs. Also, the purpose of building a PassivHaus home determines its architecture and design: minimalist and sober with a rectangular structure to make the most of isolation elements.

The architects combined two of our systems: BSO on the façade and Premium Plus inside. Outdoor Venetian blinds afford highly effective heat and solar protection, contributing to energy savings.

Premium Plus roller shades are fully integrated into the design. They are installed in a ceiling void and remain completely hidden when closed. They have been configurated with Polyscreen® 550- White Pearl color, a fabric with excellent thermal protection, managing up to 94% of solar heat (Gtote=0.06 – Gtoti = 0.24).