Halles de Monein

Monein, France

Systems: B-BOX roller shades

Fabrics: Polyscreen® 550

Architecture: Paul Canet

The town of Monein, stretches in the heart of Béarn (France), has an original wooden market since 1547 of about 680 sqm which was rebuilt in 1826 using white limestone.

In the centre of the town stands the hall with powerful arches which is home to the Monday market. Main place of meetings and local social life, the elected officials of Monein wanted to replace the old closing system Les Halles with new equipment fulfilling the same features, but more aesthetic for the arches located north and east. The objective is to preserve the enhancement of the building made since 2009 by the architect Paul Canet, while allowing its partial closure for the Monday morning market and associative or municipal events.

The implementation of removable wind and weatherproof shades was also to respect the historic architecture of these halls classified as historical monuments.

Thus, vertical motorized vertical roller shades perfectly integrated into the arcades that have been installed to the great satisfaction of traders and customers of the market who now benefit from protection from the wind and the sun, while maintaining visibility to the outside thanks to the transparency of the Polyscreen® 550 fabric.

Client: Monein Town Hall
Bandalux product information: Motorized with lateral guidance - Polyscreen® 550 fabric, color Ash. Dimensions: 3.20 m wide x 4.30 m high