Hotel Fourvière


Systems: Pleated Shade

Fabrics: Solar Elegant Wetex

Located next to the Roman amphitheater in the French city of Lyon, the Fourvière hotel is set in an old convent with a 19th century cloister, the Visitation, which was built for the nuns of the time. The renovation to turn it into a 4-star hotel in 2016 was carried out by Pablo Reinoso, artistic director of the project, and the Ax Architecture studio. Both worked to maintain the beauty of the cloister and the chapel, accentuating the particularity of the place but providing it with all the comforts of the 21st century.

The part of the cloister has been allocated to the hotel's gourmet restaurant, which has beautiful views of the garden. In order to control the entry of light, more than 250 Bandalux pleated shades with chain drive in dark shades were installed, to match the furniture. The selected fabric was Solar Elegant Wetter, a technical anti-mold fabric perfect for wet areas or with access to outdoor spaces.

The project that gave rise to the Fourvière hotel is a masterful blend of design, heritage, history and architecture in which the pleated shades are perfectly integrated into the required aesthetics.