Systems: Verandas, Premium Plus roller shades, Box roller, Venetian Blinds

Fabrics: blackout

Having received the Rhone Town Councils Trophy for Architecture in 2016, the COPAMO (COMMUNITIES OF THE MORNANTAIS DISTRICT) building was designed by architect and the Director of the XXL Atelier architecture studio Fabien Jallon. This project contributes to the valuation of the concept of environmentally friendly architecture, within the framework of town planning development, with two buildings that meet the French thermal regulation RT 2012.

As an essential element of this service center of the Communauté de communes du Pays Mornantais (COPAMO), the building was designed to meet two objectives: to create an office complex with enough space to receive the public; and to design a second area for the voting sessions of elected officials, accommodating the representatives of all of the district’s member municipalities.

The diverse world of Bandalux shades has naturally found its place. On one hand, the solar protection screens provide optimal sunlight management, helping improve the energy efficiency of the buildings and increasing the comfort of the workers within them. On the other hand, the large roller shades installed with 100% blackout fabric afford the total blockage of light necessary in the conference hall.

Windows and façades
• 2 Véranda Plus blackout shades - 3 m wide /3 m high – Track with slide carriage – motor-operated

• 8 Box roller shades with blackout fabric over a slanted panel structure – from 0.60 to 0.85 m wide /3 m high - Track with slide carriage – Motor-operated

Main entrance door
•2 large traditional blackout shades – Duoface fabric
2.40 m wide /3.60 m high – Manually operated

Reception and entrance foyer
• 20 Signum aluminum venetian blinds - 1 m wide / 2.60 m high – Crank-operated

Agent work areas and conference rooms
100 Premium Plus blinds - Polyscreen® 550 fabric – without channels over sin particularly high windows - 1 m wide /2.50 m high – 0.90 m wide /1.50 m high – Stainless steel cable guided