Designed and produced in Europe and the United States, Bandalux shades and drapes comply with the strictest international standards for quality and environmental care on the world market. Bandalux systems help to obtain Leed and Breeam sustainable construction certificates.


Bandalux complies with international standards that back our commitment to sustainability and the environment, hence guaranteeing an efficient environmental management.

ISO 9001

This certificate forms part of the ISO 9001 family of international quality standards, and sets the requirements to be met by quality systems for internal reliability and for contractual and certification purposes.

ISO 14001

International standards on environmental management, the aim of which is to furnish companies with an effective and proven Environmental Management System (EMS) that has been integrated into all other the production activities.

ISO 50001

Ensures the control and the systematic management of the energy use of the company, which in turn commits to the ongoing improvement of its energy saving performance.

ISO 45001

This certificate enables companies to incorporate and systematically manage the occupational risk prevention policy, by establishing a, long-lasting commitment to risk prevention and systematizing safety management.


European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme and its commitment to the environment which recognizes the implementation of its own Environmental Management System (EMS).

We guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of the Bandalux shades and drapes made in Europe and the USA. Sun protection systems backed by the strictest international standards for architectural projects.





Roller Shades
Arion roller shades
Box Roller Shades
Box Roller Shades Fit-Box
Box Roller Shades Z-Box
Box Roller Shades Zi-Box and Zi-Box Duo
Shades with decorative covers
Neolux® roller shades
Fit-Pleat Shades
Pleated Shade
Venetian blinds
Venetian blinds Aire®
BSO outdoor Venetian blinds
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Insect screen
EC Certified
Sliding Panel
EC Certified

EC European Conformity

This affects certain standardized industrial products or services. Manufacturers must state that their products comply with the minimum legal and technical requirements for safety, set forth by European Union.

Child Safety

A child safety feature for chain- and cord-operated systems. It guarantees the safety of children, preventing the chain or cord from getting wrapped around a child’s neck.

All Bandalux technical fabrics are backed by the strictest certificates for quality, energy efficiency and safety, which are essential requirements for their use in architectural projects.


Polyscreen® 501
Oscar Ignis Black Out
Black Out Matte
Trend / Trend Light
TOUCH BO (Singular Black Out FR - USA)
Raw Ignis
Thermometal Ignis
Polyscreen® 473 Metal
Ecoplanet Ignis Metal
Mattiz Ignis Metal
Skyline 2015
Duette Blackout Ignis
New York
Celular Blackout

Fire retardant

A certificate that guarantees that the fabric is fire resistant. Although the textile material burns, it does so without a flame, therefore preventing the propagation of the fire.


A certificate applicable to certain fabrics, guaranteeing the prevention of the proliferation of bacteria, mites, fungi and moulds, and the prevention of any sort of odor.


The Greenguard Indoor Air Qualification program ensures that the products designed for use in offices and other indoor spaces comply with the strict limits on chemical emissions, thus contributing to the creation of healthier environments.

Oeko-tex® Standard 100

A certification that guarantees compliance with the criteria for the use of environmentally friendly products and the absence of toxic materials such as: heavy metals, lead, etc.


The IMO 033/08 certificate of the International Maritime Organization guarantees the resistance and durability of our fabrics in boats and saline environments.

Phthalate Free

A seal obtained by the Polyscreen® fabric, which is free of phthalates, plasticizing chemical compounds that are often used in certain fabrics to increase their flexibility. These compounds have been proven to be toxic to human health.

Cradle to cradle

A bronze-level certificate that guarantees the use of recycled and recyclable materials for the development of the Planet FR and Ecoplanet FR fabrics.

Trevira CS

A seal earned by fabrics manufactured using materials that comply with the strictest fire-resistance regulations and which are free of additional chemicals.

Formaldehyde Free

A seal that certifies that Bandalux manufactures its fabrics without formaldehyde, a substance that is toxic for the health.

Acoustic absorption

A seal that applies to fabrics that ensure optimal acoustic absorption. The sound-absorbing properties of Bandalux fabrics minimize the impact of the sound waves that are propagated in a room.

Lead Free

Certificate that guarantees the absence of lead and heavy metals in Bandalux tissues, substances harmful to health.

BPA Free

Seal received by Bandalux tissues free of Bisphenol A, a harmful component for the health present in plastics.

PVC Free

Seal that certifies the manufacture of Bandalux fabrics without polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and that contribute, in this way, to respect for the environment.


Certification that indicates the low emissivity of a fabric, that is, the ability to radiate thermal energy.


Characteristic of the fabrics that can go in systems of solar protection between crystals and that resist temperatures of up to 85 ° C.

Bandalux and Somfy motors are high-quality products that offer the total guarantee of durability and safety.