Private eco house


Systems: Premium Plus roller shades, Draperies, Wood Venetian blinds

Fabrics: Renaissance Eco and Wood

Located in the Catalan municipality of Sant Fruitós del Bages, this sustainable home draws on every possible natural resource, maximizing its energy savings and respecting the environment. A private house built in keeping with the tenets of bio architecture, an architectural philosophy that champions the creation of healthy spaces that protect both the society and the planet.

For greater energy efficiency, this home was built with a breathable façade with permeable layers. The thick walls inside generate a thermal inertia, while the outer insulation creates a sort of “jacket” layer, to isolate the outside temperature of the building.

A 100% sustainable house with decorative elements that also respect the ecological demands of the owner, architect Pilar Guiral. In this home, Bandalux roller shades, traditional curtains and wooden venetian blinds were installed. For both the roller shades and the traditional curtains, the designers chose the ecological Planet fabric, a special semi-translucent and antibacterial fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. In the living room, wooden Venetian blinds were installed in white, a Bandalux 100% toxin-free product that meets the ecological demands of the home, while providing natural warmth and creating a cozy and elegant ambiance.