Museo Alfa Romeo


Systems: Box roller

Fabrics: Polyscreen 3%

Alfa Romeo was born in June of the year 1910, under the guiding principles of elegance, power and automobile design. Despite the 100-year span between the company’s first car, the 24 HP, and its recent Giulia model, the essence of the firm has remained very much alive. Hailed as one of the top luxury brands of the automobile sector, Alfa Romeo opened its museum in the city of Arese in 1976. This site celebrates the history of the Italian brand and its more than 60 different car models.

For the Alfa Romeo Museum, Bandalux installed box roller shades with digitally printed Polyscreen fabric, creating shades with a dual purpose. Therefore, apart from guaranteeing excellent solar protection, each shade features printed information on a different model by the famous Italian automobile firm.